Mental Health First Aid Courses

Equip yourself or your organisation with practical skills to understand and navigate mental health. Our courses are available throughout Australia to support those who need it most.

Proudly Facilitating Your Mental Health First Aid Training

At The Wish Group, our mental health first aid courses are designed and developed by Mental Health First Aid. These evidence-based and researched courses provide participants with an educational and informative experience so that they can assist appropriately anyone who has a developing or existing mental health problem as well as those in crisis, similar to physical first aid.

Many organisations are now incorporating mental health first aid into their professional development days. The feedback surrounding these courses has been overwhelmingly positive, thanks to their informative nature and flexible delivery (face to face, online, or blended). All of our instructors are accredited by MHFA and have experience working in the mental health care sector.

Our Mental Health First Aid Courses

12 Hours Standard MHFA

This standard mental health first aid course is available for any interested adult. This course teaches you to assist an adult experiencing a mental health problem or crisis and how to help until the crisis resolves or a professional can be reached. It is available face to face, online, or through a combination of both delivery modes.

14 Hour Youth MHFA

This course is aimed at helping school staff, support workers, parents, and other adults who support young people. Available face to face, online, or through a combination of both delivery modes, it helps adults to assist young people during what is already a turbulent time. Mental health issues can compound the adolescent experience, so understanding the best approach to take is of the utmost importance.

Tertiary MHFA

(Blended 4 hour course)

This blended, four-hour course contains a self-paced e-learning component and is designed specifically for those in the Tertiary sector. Blended courses are a great option for workplaces where two day face to face training courses may be impractical or impossible to organise.

Online and Blended MHFA Courses

Our courses are available online and as a blend of face-to-face and online to best suit your needs. Participant attendance is a priority, and video conferencing technology allows us to offer online and blended courses to increase participation numbers.

Conversations About Suicide

It can be difficult to navigate conversations about suicide, which is why we offer a course tailored to this specific topic. In this course, you’ll learn how to best provide help in any way you can.

Conversations About Non-Suicidal Self Injury

Deliberate self-harm doesn’t necessarily indicate that person is thinking about suicide. This four hour course is available face to face and is suitable for adults supporting somebody engaging in non-suicidal self-injury.

Conversations About Gambling

Suitable for adults, this four-hour course provides a practical, evidence-based action plan on how to identify, approach, and support a person experiencing problems with gambling. You’ll also learn the risk factors, signs, symptoms, and motivations of gambling problems and how to manage your own self-care.

Refresher SMHFA and Youth MHFA Courses

Our refresher courses are conducted through either a four-hour face to face session or a five-hour online course. Current Standard or Youth Accredited MHFAiders can use these within the 2.6 year and 3.3-year mark to refresh their knowledge and skills, and extend their accreditation for another three year period.

Looking For Another Topic?

We also create custom-built courses for businesses and organisations.

Why Choose The Wish Group?

Delivered by Specialists

Our knowledgeable mental health consultants have years of experience in providing mental health first aid courses for people of all ages.

Mental Health Focused

Mental health is a vital component in overall health and wellbeing, and we’re experts in the field.

Accredited Courses

Our trainers are highly experienced and accredited and are experts in mental health care and education.

Access The Latest Mental Health Education

Our courses are available face to face, online, or as a blend of both approaches. To enquire about prices and other course details, please send us a request, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.