Aged Care

Aged care delivered with flexibility and compassion.

Providing You with the Best Quality of Life, No Matter Your Age

Here at The Wish Group, we aim to improve and maintain the lives of our beloved older generation. Through our variety of bespoke aged care services, we’re doing just that. We believe everyone deserves the best quality of care possible, and we design our services to help older clients fulfill their goals. If you’re looking to remain living independently, looking for further assistance with medical care, or looking to have an advocate on your side for your healthcare, we’re ready to help you out.

Our Aged Care Services

All of the aged care services offered through The Wish Group are there to be as flexible as possible. We aim to provide everything you need, without making you pay for the things you don’t. Our care plans seek to address any challenges your or your family may be facing, delivering all the care required and supporting you every step of the way.

We have specialist nurses who can come discuss your situation with you and your family, and are able to advocate on your behalf to other support and health services to make sure you are receiving the care you deserve. Likewise, we’ll be here to connect you with other service providers if you’re in need of something new or different. Ultimately, we’re here to coordinate and implement a successful care plan catered entirely to your unique circumstances.


Mental health challenges can be influenced by many different factors. Declining health, loss of independence, or transitioning into new stages of life can be difficult for many people, and that’s why we aim to provide our clients with great quality counselling services as needed. Your counselling can take whatever form best suits you, with your comfort and care being the top priority at all times. We can connect you with a counsellor, therapist, or psychological professional that can cater to your individual needs and preferences.

On Call Services

Knowing you have somewhere you can turn to for help at any hour of the day is one of the most valuable things for an aging client. Our on call aged care services are there to make sure The Wish Group team is as accessible as possible for any emergency that may arise. For clients who may need extra support outside of typical operating hours, our 24/7 phone line is there to put you in contact with one of our staff members whenever you need them. If you ever find yourself distressed and in need of someone to talk to, or if you need guidance in an emergency situation, we’re only a phone call away.

Home Support

Being able to live an independent life within the comfort and familiarity of your own home is a priority for many people, and it’s one our team actively works to prioritise. With a highly-skilled team of staff that includes registered nurses, consultants, and support workers of all varieties, we are able to provide professional and compassionate care within somebody’s home. No matter the conditions an individual may be facing (disability, mental health challenges, illness, or anything else), our specialist support team will be ready to help you navigate everyday life. These visits can be daily, weekly, or one-off, and include whatever medical, physical, or mental health support you may need for an independent and happy life at home.


The Wish Group is able to offer both formal and informal assessment for those we work with. Whether you’re seeking a formal report for Aged Care providers, NDIS or another government program, or whether you’re seeking a smaller check-in to assess the condition of yourself or a loved one, we can provide you with a skilled assessor to do the job. We aim to make our assessments as comfortable as possible for our clients, able to be broken up over several days if a multiple-hour session is too demanding and able to assess as frequently as required. The factor that sets us apart from other providers is that our job doesn’t finish with the assessments – we prioritise planning out ‘next steps’ and outlining clear goals just as much as we do our initial analysis.

Why Choose The Wish Group?

Holistic Approach

At The Wish Group, we believe in looking at the bigger picture. When we work with somebody, we seek to understand how all aspects of their life and health impact their wellbeing. Ultimately, we’re here to help you in every area of life that needs support that we possibly can.


Having trauma-informed staff on our team makes a world of difference in the delivery of our services. Our team understand how to work with people who’ve faced difficult times, ensuring that everyone is completely comfortable throughout all our services.

Focussed on People

Our top priority is always going to be the people we work with. You can trust that all our services are built to best support each individual who comes to us – prioritising your health, your wellbeing, and your comfort, every step of the way.

Who Can Access Our Aged Care Plans?

At The Wish Group, one of our top priorities is making great quality care as widely accessible as possible. To make this happen, we ensure that there are always several ways for somebody to access our aged care services. If you have an aged care funding package but you aren’t certain whether our services will be covered, we are more than happy to speak with your provider and determine whether you have funds available to cover our services. We also offer an array of private packages as well, offering different price points to suit your budget.

Work With The Wish Group

The Wish Group difference is simple: everything we do puts our clients first, and all the choice is left right in their hands. Our entire team comprises compassionate, friendly professionals who meet a high standard of industry experience and qualifications. Anyone you work with through us is there to listen, follow the lead of yourself or your loved one, and offer tailored support that suits your every need. Reach out to us today to chat with a friendly team member and find out what aged care service may be right for your situation.