Alcohol and Drug Services

Support and counselling for people struggling with alcohol and drug abuse.

Counselling, Training, and Assessment from Alcohol and Drug Specialists

At The Wish Group, we have years of experience working with people who struggle with alcohol and other drug abuse (AOD) problems. These services take a variety of forms, looking to deliver services tailored to the needs of each client and organisation we work with as a part of this program.

Our AOD specialists are here to help minimise potential harm, find treatment plans, and offer all the support an individual needs to work through their struggles with alcohol and other drugs. We seek to address any and all related issues that may be influencing the health and wellbeing of a client.

Our AOD Services


Our alcohol and drug services include full support from a counsellor. The Wish Group employs qualified and highly experienced counsellors who specialise in AOD treatment, ensuring that we’re able to match you up with a professional fully equipped to support you in all the ways you need. Our holistic and integrated approach to counselling comes from our belief that this kind of support isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Every client is different, and will need different methods and forms of treatment to flourish through their recovery. The Wish Group will match you with a counsellor we believe to be the best fit, prioritising your choice and preferences to design a counselling plan that gives you full control, every step of the way.


We offer assessments for individuals and groups that may need a formal AOD assessment. These can sometimes be required to assist in gaining funding for NDIS, Aged Care, or other government services. Assessments from our qualified specialists can provide reports for public, private, and forensic settings to assist in developing a care plan for individuals. Likewise, these can be used to assist people or agencies (such as Child Protection) looking to better manage clients with concerns or issues surrounding alcohol and drugs. Our assessments can be provided to people of any age, working to assess their situation and recommend the next steps to help them receive the right support.

Why The Wish Group?


Often, problems with drug and alcohol addictions can come with a variety of other challenges and struggles. All specialists with The Wish Group are highly trained and trauma-informed. Keeping clients feeling safe and comfortable is a top priority for our team.

Practical Support

When struggling with AOD, practical support can make a world of difference. Throughout counselling and wider support, our specialist will be able to give you tangible strategies and techniques to help you practically navigate the day-to-day reality of overcoming these problems.

Delivered by Specialists

At The Wish Group, we take pride in offering services delivered by experienced specialists. The person you work with throughout treatment is guaranteed to come with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of AOD treatment, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of support available.

AOD Training

We can offer training courses for organisations within the area of alcohol and drugs, educating and providing management techniques for working with people struggling with these substances. Our courses can be custom built to suit the needs of your organisation, or alternatively, we do have standard courses surrounding substance abuse disorders – designed to educate you on what they are and how we effectively deal with them. If your organisation is looking to learn more about AOD to better work with staff, residents, or others who may be struggling, these courses can equip you with invaluable support and information.

The Wish Group Difference

We Match You

Finding a counsellor that not only has the specialisations necessary to meet the unique needs of clients, but is also holistically suited to match their emotional needs is important to us. We believe that treatment looks different for everyone, and matching somebody with a counsellor that is going to make them feel comfortable and supported every step of the way is a key part of our counselling process.

We Value Choice

Choice is important to us at The Wish Group. Our counselling services are here to help, to provide support in the ways somebody is choosing to be supported. Our counsellors respect and value the boundaries and decisions of those they work with, leaving control entirely in the hands of the clients throughout every stage of the process.

We’re Trauma-Informed

Having a trauma-informed counsellor on your side makes a huge difference for people with a challenging past. Anyone looking to receive counselling who’s scared about reliving stressful or challenging experiences and times can feel safe knowing that our counsellors are trained in navigating these situations safely and comfortably.

Support That Goes Above and Beyond

For many people, struggling with alcohol and other drugs isn’t a sole struggle. Often, these problems can work in conjunction with a variety of other challenges. These most commonly include a variety of mental health conditions or illnesses. At The Wish Group, our goal isn’t merely to offer treatment for one specific condition. Our services are built to provide holistic support, and we are equipped with the resources and specialists to design a treatment program that gives you all the help you need throughout all areas of your life and wellbeing.

Work With The Wish Group

Supporting somebody struggling with AOD often means addressing larger problems and struggles in their life. At The Wish Group, we understand this, and that’s why our alcohol and drug support services are designed to holistically treat and counsel a person. We approach all our services from a relational perspective, meaning all our counselling sessions, assessments, and training courses are built to prioritise the wellbeing of those we’re seeking to help.

Reach out to our team today to discuss which of our services could be of benefit to you, your organisation, or a loved one.