Formal and informal assessment for mental health, drug and alcohol problems, and overall risk assessment.

Assessments by Experienced Clinicians

Whether seeking an assessment for formal or informal reasons, knowing that you’ll be working with a professional you can trust is absolutely essential. Assessors provided by The Wish Group are highly qualified, highly experienced, and specialise in a variety of conditions and areas. This ensures that we are able to provide all our clients with someone who can support and assess them in every way necessary, and we take time through all our referral processes to carefully appoint an assessor who will best suit the person we’re working with.
We actively work to make the assessment process as comfortable, thorough, and effective as possible – and we place just as much importance on ‘the next steps’ as we do our initial analysis.

About Our Assessments

Personalised Assessment

We offer face-to-face assessments tailored to the needs of the client, both formal and informal. These assessments are entirely flexible, and adaptable to suit whatever fits the person best. These can go for several hours, or can be stretched out over multiple visits – it all depends on the complexity of the client’s situation. Our services include mental health, AOD, and general risk assessments, addressing whatever circumstances that could be a factor in the client’s overall wellbeing.

Professional Recommendation

In cases where assessments are provided in response to professional recommendation, The Wish Group is able to provide reports for formal use. We can provide full reports for the NDIS, for Aged Care services, and for other mental health professionals as required, both as full assessments and smaller check-ins. We can provide regular services, particularly in circumstances where the NDIS is requiring frequent assessments and reports.

Our Approach

At The Wish Group, we prioritise offering an entirely holistic approach to our services. Our assessments seek to take a wider look at a person’s life and state. This often includes psychosocial wellbeing, physical health, mental health, and providing an overall risk assessment to ensure a client’s safety. We are qualified and equipped to assess anything related to disability, mental health, and AOD services. Contact our team to discuss if we’re the right fit to provide an assessment of your circumstances.

Delivered By Specialists

Anyone you work with at The Wish Group is a professional, experienced expert in their field. All of our wider staff are required to meet a high standard of minimum qualifications and five years of experience to join our team, ensuring that we have the best possible staff providing our services. In the case of our assessments, all assessors are our senior mental health and AOD clinicians. We send out only the most appropriate and qualified team members based on our initial referral and intake process.

Helping You Find the Path to Support

The next steps will look different depending on how our initial visits pan out. Taking into consideration available funding and the personal goals set by the clients, we will plan out our recommendations for the treatment plan ahead.

Choice and Control

First and foremost, we are there to support our clients as they gain choice and control over their own lives. We value autonomy, and all our services are built to respect the preferences of those we work with, helping them achieve their goals and manage their own lives.

Live Independently

Giving somebody independence is one of the most valuable things we can do as a support service. At The Wish Group, we seek to help equip an individual with all the tools and strategies they need to be able to live on their own and navigate their own lives, knowing they have all the support they need to do so.

Access Support

Successful assessments ultimately give somebody all the resources and recommendations they need to access essential support. In order to help them better themselves, we provide our clients with access to the support they need. This could include counselling services, support for substance abuse, mental health treatment, or a variety of other programs.

We Work With A Range of Clients

Providing accessible, high-quality care is one of the main goals of our organisation. As a part of this endeavour, we’ve ensured that we work with a wide variety of different clients and funding plans, making our services as widely available as possible. We work with a number of private individual clients, but we also have experience working with a referral from or in conjunction with a number of government agencies, including Disability Services or Child Protection. Our clients are sometimes funded through NDIS or Aged Care funds, and our assessments can be integrated with our other services, such as alcohol and drug support.

Enquire About Assessments by The Wish Group

A desire to provide the best quality care possible to as many clients as we can is at the heart of what we do at The Wish Group. Our assessments seek to equip people with everything they need to tackle the journey ahead – resources, support networks, and anything else that can make these crucial next steps a little easier.

If you’ve been formally recommended for an assessment, or if you’re concerned about the wellbeing of yourself or a loved one, our assessment services are here to address everything you need in a manner that keeps you in control. Reach out today to book your first assessment.