Matching you with the right counsellor to support you through life’s ups and downs.

Support from Qualified Mental Health Professionals

When you’re concerned about the mental health of yourself or a loved one, reaching out for help is the very first step to recovery. At The Wish Group, our staff are all qualified mental health professionals and counsellors with a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout a number of specialty fields.
We aim to provide holistic counselling that focuses on the overall wellbeing of a person – addressing all physiological and psychological disorders as parts of the wider mind, body, and spirit. Our integrated counselling techniques work to make all our clients as comfortable and supported throughout their sessions as possible.

Counselling Options to Suit You

Our counselling services are designed to suit as many different clients as possible. We offer a range of different counselling options and modalities to ensure that we can provide whatever form of support is going to best treat a person for whatever they’re facing.

Our holistic counselling techniques incorporate several models of treatment, including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and solution focused therapy. We also employ counsellors that have a wide selection of different specialties, making sure that we can offer expert support tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 

These specialisations include:

Improve Your Mental Health and Your Life

Ongoing Support

Working with one counsellor allows you to build a relationship unlike any other. Having somebody supporting you throughout your journey is invaluable, and the foundation of trust that comes with regular sessions with the same counsellor will pay off greatly throughout your treatment.

An Objective Perspective

Many people hesitate to go to counselling because they may feel as though they should already have people in their lives they should talk to. Meeting with a counsellor provides an objective third party opinion for your life, offering you somebody to talk to about your struggles who has no agenda in your life other than to support you.

Improved Mental and Physical Wellbeing

The Wish Group counsellors aren’t just here to discuss and solve one tiny problem in your life. Our counseling services are designed to holistically examine your overall wellbeing, finding areas and techniques to improve your greater quality of life. Addressing your mental health often goes hand-in-hand with your physical wellbeing, and addressing one means you’ll likely feel many other things in your life improve.

Finding Management Strategies

Whether you’re facing stress, burnout, mental health challenges, or any other specific challenge, your counsellor is there to help you find ways to manage and cope through your daily life. If counselling is a short-term plan, your counsellor will work to equip you with tools and techniques you’ll be carrying with you for the rest of your life.

Flexible Delivery For All Individuals

Face to Face



Working one-on-one can build a powerful bond and trust between client and counsellor. If somebody is looking to work on their personal life and challenges, we can match them with a counsellor that will personally walk them through every step of their journey.


For couples seeking support and guidance through their relationship and external struggles in their lives, going to see a counsellor together can have many substantial benefits. Our counsellors will be able to cater sessions towards whatever it is the pair of you each need, whether it’s counselling focused on the dynamics of your relationship or specific circumstances going on outside of your partnership.


We offer group counselling opportunities for cohorts of any size. Whether you’re a family looking to receive counselling help together, or whether you work with a wider organisation that would like to have counselling services on offer to your staff or students, we’re able to provide the help you need.

The Wish Group Difference

We Match You

Finding a counsellor that not only has the specialisations necessary to meet the unique needs of clients, but is also holistically suited to match their emotional needs is important to us. We believe that treatment looks different for everyone, and matching somebody with a counsellor that is going to make them feel comfortable and supported every step of the way is a key part of our counselling process.

We Value Choice

Choice is important to us at The Wish Group. Our counselling services are here to help, to provide support in the ways somebody is choosing to be supported. Our counsellors respect and value the boundaries and decisions of those they work with, leaving control entirely in the hands of the clients throughout every stage of the process.

We’re Trauma-Informed

Having a trauma-informed counsellor on your side makes a huge difference for people with a challenging past. Anyone looking to receive counselling who’s scared about reliving stressful or challenging experiences and times can feel safe knowing that our counsellors are trained in navigating these situations safely and comfortably.

Working With Private and Funded Clients

At The Wish Group, we’re seeking to make top-quality counselling available to as many people as possible. We offer private counselling, in which the client would self-fund their treatment, and in some cases, there is a possibility of a Medicare rebate to help cover some of the costs involved. This depends on a number of different factors, and we can discuss these possibilities upon enquiry. If included in an individual’s package, clients are also able to be charged through NDIS and Aged Care funds.

Get Support Today

Whether you’re looking for individual support, couples counselling, or services catered towards a larger group, we can find the perfect arrangement for you. All our counsellors are experienced, accredited professionals with a range of different specialties to ensure that we can provide as wide a selection of focussed services as possible.

Getting the support you need all starts with getting matched to the right counsellor for you – contact The Wish Group today, and let us pair you with someone who can lend a hand.