Custom Built Courses

Want to deliver training but can’t find the course you’re looking for? We can create it.

Customised Training, Tailored To Your Organisation

At The Wish Group we’ve used our years of experience to develop several standard training courses, and our professional and caring team is dedicated to providing these courses to those who need them. Our courses aim to build understanding of specific mental health conditions and situations, and equip you with the skills to manage them effectively.
We also understand that each company and person has their own individual goals, and so we offer specifically tailored courses that are unique to your needs. With our experience and knowledge, no course or request is too big or too small for us to handle.

Creating Your Custom Course

1. Contact Us

Contact The Wish Group to discuss your preferred topic of training and we’ll discuss the request, covering topics, preferred outcomes, and pricing.

2. Draft Course Outline

Next, our Training Development Team will put a draft outline together based on your brief. This includes extensive research and analysis.

3. Review Course Outline

Once the draft outline is complete, you’ll get a chance to review it and request adjustments or additions.

4. Course Creation

Now your course outline is approved, we can bring it to life! We’ll build the course and provide you with a draft.

5. Course Revisions

We value your input which is why we encourage feedback and revisions to your course during the development stage.

6. Course Delivery

Now that your course has been created, it’s time to deliver your training!

Customised To Your Chosen Topic

We have covered topics such as:

  • Vicarious resilience
  • Detecting and preventing compassion stress and fatigue
  • Effective communication
  • De-escalation skills
  • Workplace communication
  • Professional boundaries
  • Suicidal prevention training
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Decreasing stress in the workplace
In addition to the topics listed above, we also create a variety of short courses on various mental health disorders. This includes anxiety, depression, substance use, psychosis, and other conditions. The Wish Group team is made up of a vast array of specialists focusing on different areas of mental health, wellness, general health, and disability. No matter the desired topic of your course, we’d love to help you create it.

Who We Work With

Over the years we have built courses for corporate companies, not for profits, tertiary institutions, healthcare facilities, local councils, schools, and community groups. Whatever your industry or the size of your business, school, or community, we provide you with a course geared towards the topic at hand with a focus on achieving your desired outcomes.

Why Choose The Wish Group?

Flexible Delivery

Our courses are built for maximum flexibility – most can be delivered in-person or via Zoom.

Custom Built

We truly customise every part of our courses. They are custom-made for your organisation and truly one of a kind.

Created By Specialists

Our team and course developers are specialists in their field. You’ll be accessing the latest information on your topic from industry experts.

Our Vision For Your Organisation

Our courses aim to provide any mental health and wellness training that you require. Whether this be regarding disability, workplace wellness, communication skills, self-care, or a topic all of your own, we tailor your course specifically to you to meet your needs.

Begin Your Learning Today

Whatever your topic, goals, and needs, our custom built courses are tailored to you to help you achieve the best outcome. We build the course to your specifications, and work with any organisation to develop any type of training they may require. To get started on your learning journey, contact our knowledgeable and caring team today.