Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Helping your employees to access quality mental health support.

Employee Assistance Programs by The Wish Group

Even the greatest company to work for in the world can’t have 100% mentally healthy employees 100% of the time. A good company culture with respectful and understanding relationships can certainly assist greatly, but sometimes experiences either at work or in employees’ personal lives require additional help.
When employees need support that’s outside your capabilities, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will step in to provide the help they need. This on-call service is external to the organisation, which often helps employees feel more comfortable in contacting them. An EAP provides brief intervention type counselling by appointment to help employees work through issues and access advice and confidential guidance when it’s needed most.

Tailored EAP Solutions

EAPs ensure employees have access to mental health care for personal and/or work-related concerns. As personal issues can affect workplace productivity, it’s important to note that EAPs offer support across all areas. EAPs are often utilised following stressful or traumatic incidents in the workplace but are available for employees to access at any time.

However, this on-call service that is funded by the workplace is limited to a set number of sessions per employee per year. EAPs aim to increase productivity, reduce sick leave and staff turnover, and improve mental health outcomes throughout the workplace. 

At The Wish Group we create tailored programs for organisations of all sizes. Whether your company has a handful of employees or numbers into the thousands, we tailor your EAP to your organisation so it receives the specialised attention it deserves.

Why Invest in an Employee Assistance Program?

Improved Employee Wellness

An EAP allows employees to debrief situations that may affect their work. This outlet helps to improve employee wellness, which then reflects well on the company.

Improved Workplace Culture

A workplace’s culture is vital to employee wellbeing. Improving your company’s culture creates healthy working relationships and eases stress.

Increased Job Satisfaction

An employee who is satisfied with their job and coming into work each day is more likely to produce quality work. Having an EAP in place gives staff an outlet to express any dissatisfaction, reducing its impact on their work.

Better Productivity

When employees’ minds are free from issues that impact their work, their productivity increases significantly. Knowing an EAP is available can help improve productivity considerably.

Reduced Sick Leave

Stress can lead to increased time off work through both physical and mentla health concerns. Having an EAP on call allows employees to share their troubles, which reduces their stress and, as a result, the amount of sick leave taken.

Reduced Staff Turnover

Staff who are dissatisfied with their jobs are more likely to leave the company they work for. The cost to re-train new employees is very significant, and so it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep staff turnover low.

Experience The Wish Group Difference

At The Wish Group, we have a highly specialised team to assist in creating an EAP for any business of any size. Our staff have been selectively recruited, have proven experience, and work to the highest of standards to give you and your employees the high quality service you deserve. As experts in healthcare and education, we’re dedicated to improving the lives and wellbeing of as many people as we can.

We Can Build or Rebuild Your EAP

If you don’t currently have an EAP in place, it’s never too late to get started on creating it. We often have managers reach out to us following a significant event that may be affecting their employees’ mental health, in addition to employers looking to proactively implement an EAP. Whatever your reasoning, company size, or industry, our experienced team is ready to put together the EAP that will suit your organisation best.

Contact The Wish Group To Set Up Your EAP

An EAP provides an invaluable service for you and your staff, and allows your employees to thrive in the workplace. As a result, you’ll experience greater company culture, better productivity, and a reduction in sick leave and staff turnover. Our team has years of experience in setting up EAPs for numerous types of businesses, and we can’t wait to help you and your employees next.

To get started on your EAP, contact our knowledgeable team at The Wish Group today.