On Call Services

A dedicated line to call when you need it most.

Support Is Only One Call Away

Our on call services ensure our highly qualified and experienced team are on the other end of the line at all times, ready to assist with any issues you may be experiencing. Available for NDIS and Aged Care participants as well as private clients, you can rest assured a member of our team will be there for you out of hours and will have knowledge of your circumstances so you won’t need to repeat yourself. This unique service is a growth area that lends a caring and understanding ear to those who need it most, and isn’t bound by time limits.

About Our On Call Services

Our boutique and personalised on call service aims to benefit private clients as well as NDIS and Aged Care participants.

Clients are given a dedicated number to call during agreed times. When you call you’ll generally speak with a person you’ve spoken with before, or a member of our highly trained, small team who is familiar with your situation and circumstances. Our technology ensures that you’ll always get an answer when you call, and our specialised team aren’t pressured for time.

When you talk to our on call team, you don’t need to worry about rushing through your problems to make sure the person you’re talking to doesn’t get reprimanded for long call times. You can relax knowing our team aren’t bound by sepcific call KPIs, and calls are not timed.

How On Call Services Could Support You

Out of Hours Care

Mental health issues don’t follow the typical workday rules of Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. Our service provides out of hours care during agreed times, so you don’t need to worry about being too busy to call.

Dedicated Helpline

Our staff are on a rotating roster so that our phones are always manned when they need to be ensuring there’s always somebody to answer your call.

No Time Limits

You won’t feel pressured to work through your thoughts and feelings against a ticking clock. Our staff are not working towards KPIs, and calls are not timed.

Understanding and Caring Staff

Our specialised team are always ready to help, and are highly trained and experienced in how to deal with specific questions and scenarios.

No Need to Repeat Your Story

It can be mentally and emotionally draining to have to repeat your story over and over again. Our service ensures our call team has your brief so they have an understanding of your circumstances.

For Those Who Need It

Our on call services can be set up for organisations or individuals that can benefit from it the most.

We Strive To Provide

  • Better supported clients and organisations
  • Improved outcomes for NDIS and Aged
  • Care participants
  • Peace of mind knowing somebody will always answer your call
  • Assistance for university staff and students
  • Personalised service

Your On Call Questions Answered

Simply call our office and one of our senior consultants will speak with you about the services we offer. If you choose to go ahead with our service we will organise a time to meet with you either in person or via phone to discuss your specific requirements.

With your permission, we will then put together an on call brief that we’ll provide to our on call team once they’ve been selected. In doing this, we ensure everybody on your team understands your needs so that you don’t need to explain your circumstances each time you call. 

Once we’ve established your specific needs and the outcomes you’d like to achieve working with our on call service, we match you with a team of professionals who will be taking your calls. We provide you with a single phone number to contact the service, and a roster of staff. We’ll also provide a senior staff member as your contact person in case of any issues.
No, our calls are not timed, and our on call teams are not working to KPIs.
You’ll be given a handpicked team who will be on the other end of the line when you call. This means that whoever answers your call has your brief and is familiar with your story, so even if you do speak to somebody different, they’re still a member of your specifically tailored team.
You will be assigned a senior member of staff who will oversee your service, so if any issues arise you can contact them directly.
You can cancel the service at any time. Your service agreement will outline the cancellation process and any costs involved.

Why Choose The Wish Group?

Delivered by Specialists

Our knowledgeable mental health consultants have years of experience in providing mental health assistance for people of all ages.

Mental Health Focused

Mental health is a vital component in overall health and wellbeing, and we’re experts in the field.

Dedicated Team

Our on call team members are highly experienced and accredited, and are experts in mental health care and education.

Enquire About On Call Services

Mental health issues don’t follow a daily schedule. Our on call service provides you with your own personalised team of professionals so that whenever you call, you don’t need to give your story again and again. With The Wish Group’s on call services, our dedicated team is on call to listen and offer support when you need it most.