Workplace Mental Health

Improving mental health and overall wellbeing in the workplace.

Helping You Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Mentally healthy workplaces allow employees to thrive both in and outside of work. A burnt out, stressed, or anxious employee is likely to produce lower quality work due to factors such as lost sleep, racing thoughts, and loss of interest in their work. In fact, untreated mental health conditions end up costing Australian companies $12.8 billion per year through reduced productivity, absenteeism, and compensation claims.
When management is proactive in identifying potential problems and addressing them appropriately as soon as possible, employees have a greater chance of recovery. As a result of creating a harmonious work environment, companies experience a greater work culture, improved productivity, and a reduction in staff turnover.

Our Workplace Mental Health Services

Step 1: Onsite Assessment & Planning

We bring our expertise in mental health care and education to you, regardless of the industry you’re in or the size of your company. This allows us to assess your work environment in and of itself, rather than providing a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your type of organisation. Our onsite assessments generally involve meetings and discussions with staff as well as management so we can get a thorough overview.

Step 2: Reporting & Recommendations

Following our assessment we create a plan to suit your individual work environment and your employees, helping you to help them as best you can. Whether you’re well-versed in mental health care or have no experience in the area, we provide easily understandable reports and recommendations to ensure optimal success.

Step 3: Action

Once we’ve provided your personalised plan, we can assist as much or as little as you like. We remain available for any questions you may have throughout the process. You can choose to follow any recommendations we provide, such as implementing your plan all at once or in stages. After your plan has been implemented, we offer check in services where we can review progress and tweak plans on a basis that suits you.

Fostering Better Outcomes For All

Enhance Culture

A positive workplace culture is integral to your employees’ wellbeing, and in turn enhances productivity and efficiency. When employees are satisfied with the culture at their company, they experience less stress and perform better as a result.

Create a Better Environment

The importance of workplace morale cannot be understated. Open communication, opportunities for social interaction, and helping all employees feel valued and respected boosts morale, creating the best workplace environment possible.

Reduce Staff Turnover

When staff are satisfied with their workplace culture and environment, they don’t want to lose it. As such, companies that incorporate mental health and wellbeing into their culture experience reduced employee turnover.

A Customised Approach For Optimised Outcomes

Your workplace is as much of an individual as you are. Your employees themselves and the way you work will differ from your competitor, and we take this into account every step of the way. By conducting surveys and incorporating feedback from as many areas of the business as is needed, we adopt a truly personalised approach to optimise your success.

Delivered by Experienced Mental Health Consultants

Our knowledgeable mental health consultants have years of experience in providing personalised services and plans to companies across a wide range of industries. Whether your company is large or small, we look at workplace culture, functioning, and staff satisfaction to develop a plan to improve mental health outcomes in your workplace.

Let’s Support Your Employees To Be The Best They Can Be

Ensuring a mentally healthy workplace will benefit everybody involved in your business— and that’s just the beginning. From service staff to management and clients to customers, an overall positive attitude can make all the difference. Through providing a mentally healthy workplace, the effects travel through to the community and nation as a whole by reducing stress on the healthcare system, allowing more people to be attended to as needed.

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Employee wellbeing is integral to running a successful workplace. Mentally healthy workplaces see an increase in productivity, improved teamwork and relationships, and a reduction in staff turnover. At The Wish Group we recognise the importance of these attributes in the workplace, and work with you to provide the training and development that will benefit you, your employees, and the community as a whole.

For a personalised and knowledgeable approach to improving mental health in the workplace, contact our experienced team at The Wish Group today.